Exploring the complex spaces of privilege, vulnerability, community, and wellbeing

I have always been afraid of being hurt emotionally, to the point where I prevented myself from doing things I knew not doing would haunt me for months. I often felt intimidated by the lack of safety I experienced with and around people owing to my sexuality, and this, in turn, has affected the bonds I have formed over the years – meaningful ones born out of being able to open up, and not-so-good ones because of a lack of connection owing to my frequent hesitation to open up.

Deteriorating Mental Health in Times of Protest

I had never attended a single public protest or march until January this year. Even though I was political enough, I never quite got the chance to go for one. More so, I always knew deep inside that I wouldn’t actually go for one owing to my social anxiety and inability to handle myself at large gatherings.

I had never bothered to view my mental health and politics together until I was being crushed by a decline in the former caused by the latter.

Maharashtra: Schools Yet to Reopen, Yet Offline Exams in the Offing

The Maharashtra government has announced that the offline exams for higher secondary certificate and secondary school certificate will be conducted on April 23 and 29 respectively.

The announcement has come amid a situation where schools falling under the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) are yet to reopen and students in the city are still struggling to cope with inadequate learning facilities and the unfamiliar digital classroom environment.

Why Jeff Bezos “stepping down” does not mean any solid change

One of the most common “motivational” posts I have seen online while growing up had a collage of 6 garages, which apparently were the starting points for future multi-billion-pound companies. Along with this narrative, there has also been a rise in the fetishization of the quasi-rags-to-riches story, where the success of many of these big tech companies like Amazon, is somehow supposed to instill a sense of inspiration and desire to succeed inside us.

Protests Erupt Against CAA And The Violence Against Students In India

It’s only been a day after the police besieged and stormed the Jamia Millia University and Aligarh Muslim University to brutally attack students who were involved in mostly peaceful protests against the Citizenship Amendment Bill (now CAA). What the police had indulged (and still are indulging) in were acts of violence against the innocent and unarmed protestors, thereby going against the very basic responsibility they were entrusted with.

We Need To Talk About “Trance” And Its Portrayal Of Mental Health Medication

I have been coming across a lot of fresh reviews and critical takes on the Malayalam movie which came out in February, especially after it was released on Amazon Prime this week. The film has been lauded for the technical brilliance involving sound design, cinematography, background music, etc. as well as the unusual approach to the themes it has tried to take on.

The film mainly draws a vivid image of the empire of televangelism and shows how it has immense potential to put you in a state of t


He was always welcome inside my room, free to come in and go out whenever he pleased. There were many nights when he would stay till late in my room and not go back to his when it was time to sleep. We would squeeze inside the space that my small bed allowed, no matter how cold or hot the weather was. It was on one such night that it started.

It was one of those phases when I was finding it hard to sleep at night. It would have been about 3 am. I heard someone open the door...